Are you a real man?

Have we lost our way. Society? potentially, men Yes.

What is it to be a man? Or a bloke? A lad? One of the good guys?

This has indeed become a tough question, but is it easier for us to agree on masculinity isn’t? We can all agree that society as a whole and men specifically are currently are not able to clearly articulate it, and are basically a little lost and confused.

Boys and men of all ages are struggling to negotiate society’s narrow definition of masculinity.

Pressured by the media, peers, parents and society at large to "be a man", we face a myriad of messages that encourage us to disconnect from our emotions, devalue authentic friendships, objectify and degrade women and resolve conflicts with violence. The resulting crisis in masculinity, in which we feel we must conform to punishing and suffocating gender ideals, is what we as a brand want to help resolve.

Now don’t get me wrong, the endless march of human development has been amazing, with each generation we move the human species forward, we achieve great things. Intellectually we are at the stage where we are able to do almost anything, it feels like we are on the brink of colonizing other planets!

But through this relentless march of human pursuit, I fear we have left something behind, or become somewhat distracted. I fear we have become too focused on the material world and left behind something special. And it’s been replaced with something that is unbalanced, unforgiving and unsustainable.

Unbalance Male Mental health and Toxic masculinity are something that we have only just started to recognize but it’s been polluting our society for a very long time.

Men and especially boys are blindly expected to forget their balanced consciences and embrace something distorted and harmful. Men believe and teach each other that there is one way to be a man. We subconsciously and constantly push this viewpoint of masculinity on to each other.

We believe that the only saving grace is that this is a largely subconscious behavior, one that most men are not aware of or have not yet seen. However, we are becoming aware of it, we all have had that uncomfortable feeling either overtly or in the pit of our stomachs. Well, now is the time to take the steps to address it. We believe now is the time to start recognizing the harm this blindness, this unbalance male mental health/ Toxic masculinity is causing us individually, but also society as a whole.

How can we re-balance / address this issue?

We believe that a key barrier to overcome in this challenge is to give men the confidence to believe in themselves, to develop their own internal strength and convictions, and confront some of ourselves, our beliefs, thinking and behavior patterns.

 The first step towards this is to help each other (men) feel confidence in themselves. When you are confident in your own skin, you are open and relaxed, the wall of self-defensiveness is less likely to be put up. This sense of confident allows men to be more open to self-reflection, Self-analysis, Self-discovery and ultimately self-improvement.

Hopefully more people (men specifically) start to find the confidence start this journey, and once on the journey we need to be open to supporting and helping each other. 

Now is the time to take charge of our own lives and destinies


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

gygwginjbx May 23, 2021

Suggestion: Remove any mention of toxic masculinity.

Its a buzz word that is more likely to hurt your brand.

You can rephrase the message without it. Though I would be careful to not do the blame game on men.

Side opinion beyond this point.

Most media criticises men, while praising women, because the media is made for the primary consumer… women.
e.g. In tv series with the bumbling idiot husband that can’t stand up to the intelligent wife.
“Repeat after me… “men bad, women good, mkay” "
No ones questions it, because men just take the hits and keep going…

In short masculinity is not understood, and not celebrated in mass media because it doesn’t induce money for cultural creators in media/advertising.

Instead it builds

Going into the unknown and creating the future.

Please use your platform to build men, not tear us down because we’re not women.

Best of luck with it mates, both with your messages and your sales. :)

- A

A May 23, 2021

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