“Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman!”

- Tom Ford


Ernest is a premium Australian brand challenging the traditions of the men’s fragrance industry, taking inspiration from only the best elements of the traditional fragrance world and re-imagining them for the modern era with a functional new twist - the solid cologne.


Still using the artistry and ingredients of the world’s best spray colognes, Ernest’s solid colognes are crafted and refined to create the most exquisite fragrance, tone and body. A curation of perfectly blended high-quality ingredients (Shea Butter, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E, etc) ensures that you not only smell amazing, but your skin is left moisturised and healthy.


Ernest has also forged its own path by giving cologne a higher purpose - creating premium products while also promoting meaningful conversations around mental health. Every purchase of an Ernest cologne triggers a donation to the Gotcha4Life Foundation, Australia’s mental fitness charity.



 Our team cares about creating quality products that give real confidence, not only to our customers, but to all Australians through our work with the Gotcha4Life Foundation.


We also pride ourselves on our eco-friendly, sustainable products and packaging, striving to minimize our environmental impact at every turn. Our fragrances boast the highest quality ingredients, with transparency of what goes into our products so that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and where it comes from.


At Ernest, we also believe in an open communication policy - if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you try a product and aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll happily exchange it or send a refund.



 Ernest is the encapsulation of the modern gentleman - confident, benevolent and uniquely masculine. We believe in bringing out your inner gentleman with a beautifully scented swipe of confidence whenever it’s needed; whether it be at work, with friends or on a date. 

A gentleman is nothing if not earnest. We aim to bring out your inner gentleman by having your purchase result in a donation to our partner charity, Gotcha4Life, improving yourself while also improving society through tackling men's mental health.



Our purpose is to support men and their overall mental health, so we have teamed up with the Gotcha4Life Foundation who will receive a donation with every purchase of Ernest products

Gotcha4Life is a not-for-profit Foundation that funds sustainable educational workshops, training programmes and products building mental fitness in communities across Australia, to enable strong, open and binding relationships

"Gotcha4Life is Australia’s leading mental fitness charity, working to end suicide by delivering presentations, workshops and sustainable training programs that create meaningful mateship, build emotional muscle and strengthen social connection in local communities. We focus on the power of prevention through connection because we know we are all stronger, together."

 - Founder Gus Worland

We encourage you to check them out at www.gotcha4life.org