“Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman!”

- Tom Ford


Ernest is a premium Australian brand that is challenging the men’s fragrance industry by walking its own path. Taking inspiration from only the best elements of the traditional fragrance world and re-imagining them for the modern era.

Ernest has kept all the artistry and ingredients of the world’s finest traditional spray colognes, but have introduced an inspired and functional new twist. Each Ernest cologne is designed to induce a feeling, a purpose and a sense of confidence.

The solid colognes are crafted and refined to make sure that only the most exquisite fragrance, tone and body is created. A curation of perfectly blended high-quality ingredients (Shea Butter, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E, etc) to ensure that you not only smell amazing, but your skin is left moisturised and healthy.


A team you can trust

In a traditionally self-centred industry, we are different. We feel that it’s time businesses took more responsibility for what they say and the imagines they proliferate.

We pride ourselves on eco-friendly, sustainable products and packaging, striving to minimize our environmental impact at every turn. Our fragrances boast the highest quality ingredients, with transparency of what goes into our products, so that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and where it comes from.

We believe in an open communication policy - if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask. And, if you try a product and aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll happily exchange it or send a refund.


The passion that drives us.

We believe there is a crisis in masculinity, Men have lost the confidence to discover and walk their own path. Too engaged in the material world surrounding them, something special has been left behind, leaving them unbalanced, unforgiving and unsustainable. Some have named this Toxic Masculinity.

So, our purpose is to give men the confidence to believe in themselves, to develop their own internal strength and believe in a better way. Ernest is a beautifully smelling swipe of confidence whenever you need it. Ernest is carried with you anywhere, easily and discreetly, allowing you to smell “start of the day“ confident at any point. Confident that you can be your true self and take on any situation life throws at you, be it at work, with friends or dating.

Buying Ernest means you are part of something bigger than just yourself. By purchasing Ernest for Men products you are not only concerned with improving yourself but also improving society through tackling men's mental health (combating Toxic Masculinity), as we create safe places to have open conversations, as well as supporting charities with a donation from every purchase.

Our unique application allows men to top up on confidence at any point of the day or night, allowing their true, real and caring nature to shine.

When men feel “a true, real, deep” confidence, they can truly open themselves and engage with the world around them.

We believe that looking, smelling and feeling great allows men to create and take part in a more beautiful and balanced world, while also supporting each other


Supporting Men’s Mental Health.

Our purpose is to support men and their overall mental health, so we have teamed up with the Gotcha4Life Foundation who will receive a donation with every purchase of Ernest products

Gotcha4Life is a not-for-profit Foundation that funds sustainable educational workshops, training programmes and products building mental fitness in communities across Australia, to enable strong, open and binding relationships

“We see a world where people are open, honest and supportive in their relationships and comfortable to express themselves when they are not ok. We envisage a society in which everyone has a Gotcha4Life mate who they can open up to, warts and all and rely on no matter what” - Founder Gus Worland

We encourage you to check them out at www.gotcha4life.org