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Fashion is fast and ever changing, Style however is timeless. When developing one’s own style, you can do a lot worse than looking to 007. Yes, James Bond has been, and remains a Style icon for us all. He has been on our screens in one form or another for 50 odd years, and yet has remained relevant.

Here we look at some of the famous labels he wears, take note, there is clearly a lot to learn and borrow for your own style decisions. Our Friends over at “Fashion Beans” have pulled together an exhaustive list of the brands Mr Bond wears, below we have pulled out our favorite 5

  1. Tom Ford tailoring – Quantum of Solace

Since taking over as 007 Daniel Craig’s brought a rugged, gritty and hard side back to the character that had been missing. However, he kept the immaculate tailoring that one expects from Britain’s most effective spy.

“And for good reason. Known for his contemporary takes on mid-century menswear, Ford combines premium materials, slim, form-flattering cuts and exemplary Italian craftsmanship to create tailoring – from Quantum of Solace’s overcoats to Skyfall’s ‘O’Connor’ dinner jacket – that looks modern while on Her Majesty’s secret service.”

Author Cillian O'Connor

  1. Turnbull & Asser

Bond isn’t known for spending time behind his desk, in the office or attending meetings in the boardroom, that said, his shirts would put most corporate fly-boys to same. Next time you have a formal occasion to dress for, be it work related or for leisure, look no further then Turnbull & Asser

 “Our relationship with Bond began back in 1962 with the release of Dr. No,” says Turnbull & Asser head of design, Dean Gomilsek-Cole “Terence Young, the film’s director, was a customer of Turnbull & Asser and saw our shirts as a perfect wardrobe piece for the suave character they were creating.”


  1. Crockett & Jones footwear

Now Gents, you should all know the importance of a good pair of shoes, first impressions count and your shoes can make or break that first encounter. If you are looking for inspiration for a solid pair of formal shoes, you don’t need to look much further then Bond.

The purchase of a great pair of shoes, should be seen as an investment not an expense

 “All of the styles that have been provided for Bond are Goodyear-welted,” says Philippa Jones, export manager and fifth-generation family member at Crockett & Jones. “It’s a technique widely known to produce very comfortable and durable shoes – I suspect the latter being more important in this particular case.”

Bond Shoes

  1. Omega watches

There are a number of things that Bond is the master of, but one of his most unique is timing. Be it saving the day just in the nick of time, or the perfectly timed one liners, Bond is always the master of time.

The watch that has grazed 007 wrist lately has been the Omega, specially the Seamaster range

“Expect to see Omega’s latest special edition, the Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition, grace Daniel Craig’s wrist in No Time To Die.”

“Author Cillian O'Connor”

 Omega Watch

  1. Persol eye-wear/ Sunglasses

Your Eye wear can make or break your overall style, not only is the brand that you choose important, but the style of eye-wear is key.

When is come to the brand you are spoilt for choice, While Bond has gone with a wide range of brands, Persol seem to be his go to Brand.

When it come to the style of eye-wear, do some work, make sure the style you go with matches the shape of your face, a great brand with a style that doesn’t match your face, is not a look you want to go for.

 Persol Sunglasses

There you have it gentlemen, how Bond has stayed a Style icon for over 50 years

Head over to For their full and exhaustive list

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