Haste, Muse and Verve launch

We have launched with what we feel are 3 of the best men’s colognes of all time.

We believe that Haste, Muse and Verve are the best smelling new men’s colognes available in 2020. Some may say we should only be aiming for something like best men’s niche fragrances, or Best everyday men’s cologne. But we know that our fragrances are better than that.

We have taken inspiration from some of the world most popular men’s fragrances, but we have put a 21st century spin on them, we have updated and improved to complement todays modern gentlemen.

Haste inspired by Creed Aventus, Muse inspired by Armani Code and Verve inspired by Gucci Envy, each with it’s on new twist, personalisation and excitement.

We don’t mind what they say about us, Best luxury men’s cologne, Best men’s cologne of all time, Best natural cologne, Best everyday men’s cologne or even the ultimate male cologne! We just want to make sure we deliver on our mission, a mission to give all men the confidence to beat toxic masculinity and leave a natural and balanced life

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