What makes us happy?

It might surprise you! But in this 2018 American Study the strongest predictor of men’s happiness and well being was their job satisfaction (not salary or title – these were lower down the list). The study concluded that if men feel like they are making an impact on their companies’ success, they would have greater job satisfaction, and in turn, happiness.

It’s important to have a job that allows us to use our own unique talents, surround ourselves with a diverse set of perspectives, and allow the right amount of time for discussion with co-workers. This should all be in an environment where our opinions are valued, and we are inspired by the people we work with.

In the above study, following job satisfaction, the top indicators of a positive mindset and wellness for American men are, in descending order,

  • Their physical and mental health
  • Income
  • Age (men over age 50 were significantly happier, especially in the US Midwest)
  • Relationship status. (being in one)

We might not all be fortunate enough to have the perfect or near perfect job as described in this study, so what can we do? Well, step one must be first to recognize that you aren’t satisfied and are ready to address it (so being here and reading this shows you’ve already taken that step)

Step 2 is a personal one, start thinking and assessing you own journey, are there improvements/ changes you and make in your current job, do you need to change jobs or not? do you need to re-skill or up-skill in your free time?  Or maybe there are small changes you can make in your current position that will give you exposure or opportunity to diversify your skills or knowledge base?

Whatever situation you find yourself in, remember that the journey of self and professional improvement never really ends, it's something we all must work on day in day out, but if we can try to enjoy the journey, then we stand a better chance of finding our own definitions of success

We are all on our own journey, but it’s good to know that we are not alone. 


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